Select a Christmas Tree Skirt for Your Tree

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Don’t you love decorating for Christmas? I do. Tree skirts were used back before we had electricity. Candles were placed on the tree and lit for the beauty and light. After electricity was invented, we started using bulbs instead. During … Continued

It’s Time to Decorate for Fall

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Hot weather is not for me. So, I’m very glad that the heat of summer is in the past. I’m ready to put out fall decorations! I found so many pretty things to place in my home that use fall … Continued

The Perfect Pumpkin

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What a great specimen of a pumpkin! One of the things that makes this pumpkin perfect is that you don’t have to scour through a pumpkin patch to find it. It’s artificial, so don’t cut into it to carve a … Continued

Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments

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Do you get tired of constantly having to replace your Christmas tree ornaments? I do. Look what I found. Shatterproof Christmas ornaments! The description stated that shatterproof ornaments combine the beauty and luster of real glass with the unbreakable practicality … Continued

How to Decorate with a Candelabrum

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A candelabrum is an arrangement circled around a glass candle holder in which you place a candle. There are beautiful candelabra (plural) available from which to choose to decorate your home. You can select from a large number of colors. … Continued

Decorate with Throw Pillows

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One throw pillow can change the whole look of a room! Accessories are how we complete the decoration of a room. The pillow shown can emphasize a dull, monotone room. Add the same color tones in other areas of your … Continued

Selecting a Planter

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I love unusual items – the unexpected. This is a planter I would select to use inside my home – an inside planter. Then I would choose an artificial plant(s) to place inside so that no watering would be needed. … Continued

Showing Off Our Pictures

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I  love to display pictures of my family in my home. They bring back such wonderful memories. There are such cute picture frames available these days. A nice thing about photo frames is that the pictures can be easily changed … Continued

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