Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Have you chosen your Christmas centerpiece yet? I love this candle display. It is so festive with the various shades of red of the bulbs mixed with the four candle holders. While your family and friends are sitting around the … Continued

The Christmas Poinsettia

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I love poinsettias. They are so beautiful and just call out It’s Christmas! I always decorate with a poinsettia. I even love to display them on my Christmas tree. They are also a great Christmas gift. I wondered how this … Continued

Decorate Your Telephone Table

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Do any of you remember having a telephone table? I do. I’m apparently from the dark ages, but I remember phones with party lines. What a pain they were. Even though I now have a cell phone, I still need … Continued

Unique Clocks

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I don’t know about you, but I love things that are unique. So, I love this wall clock that looks like a pocket watch. It will certainly get attention when anyone sees it. Besides being an attention grabber because of … Continued

Leave On a Night Light for Santa

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  Here’s another great Christmas-decorating idea. Get a plug in night light for your home. The kids (even the older ones) will love having this decorative night light as an addition to your Christmas decorations. Surely Santa will appreciate a … Continued

Select a Christmas Tree Skirt for Your Tree

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Don’t you love decorating for Christmas? I do. Tree skirts were used back before we had electricity. Candles were placed on the tree and lit for the beauty and light. After electricity was invented, we started using bulbs instead. During … Continued

It’s Time to Decorate for Fall

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Hot weather is not for me. So, I’m very glad that the heat of summer is in the past. I’m ready to put out fall decorations! I found so many pretty things to place in my home that use fall … Continued

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